Glossary of Terms

1. Heat Pump – Device that transfers heat from one area to another area using mechanical energy

2. Air Conditioner - An electrical means to condition the indoor environment for your home

3. Furnace - An enclosed structure in which heat is produced

4. Mechanical Air Cleaner - The indoor air is cleaned as it passes through the pleated media filter. The clean air is then circulated throughout your home

5. Humidifier - Adds moisture back into the air

6. Zoning System - The ability to create a customized comfort schedule in different locations within a home

7. Controls - The ability to monitor heating and cooling from a remote location

8. Ductwork - The system in which air flows

9. Geothermal Heat Pump - Similar to ordinary heat pumps, but use ground instead of outside air to provide heating, cooling and in some cases hot water

10. Whole House Dehumidifier - Central system that controls the removal of moisture. It can also be used as stand-alone system or as part of your ducted central heating / cooling system.

11. UV Light - Ultraviolet Light, germicidal UV lamps kill mold and bacteria that can sometimes grow on the indoor evaporator coil, before the air can be circulated in your home.

12. IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

13. SEER - Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the higher the number the more efficient the system.

14. EER - Energy Efficiency Ratio

15. AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, used in rating warm air furnaces

16. HSPF - Heating Season Performance Factor, used in rating heating performance and heat pump systems

17. Radiant Floor Warming - Heat applied to floor system to raise the temperature of floor surface.

18. Dual Fuel / Hybrid Heat - Use of electric and fossil fuels in combination to maximize energy efficiency

19. Package Unit - System that is entirely outdoors without indoor equipment

20. Programmable Thermostat - Thermostat that has the ability to be programmed to set temperatures on a time basis